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  • 《Call of Silence-泽野弘之》钢琴版-进击的巨人Attack on Titan Piano Cover

  • [1Hour] Call of Silence (Ymir Theme) - Attack on Titan Season OST (piano cover.)

  • Call of Silence (Ymir's theme) - Attack on Titan S2 OST [Piano] / Hiroyuki Sawano

  • 澤野弘之 - Call of Silence【一小時版本】「前進吧我的摯愛,帶著尊嚴奮鬥吧」【動態歌詞】♪

  • (中文翻譯) Call of Silence 澤野弘之 feat. Gemie ︳「進撃の巨人」